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Montville Chiropractic

Dr. Michael Murphy offers an individualized approach to health care that addresses your precise needs and wants. With a thorough evaluation process, we’ll discover what you require to get better and help you get there. Contact us today to learn more or to book your time!

Montville Chiropractor for Personalized Care

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Experience Holistic Health at Montville Chiropractic

Welcome to Montville Chiropractic! At our practice, Montville Chiropractor Dr. Michael Murphy takes a full body view of health, evaluating you from head to toe to determine the best way to help you. We believe understanding your needs starts with a thorough evaluation at your first visit, and we continue to evaluate your progress at each visit since your needs are ever-changing. With this approach, you can feel certain that you’re getting exactly what you require to improve and maintain your health.

PEMF Therapy

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy helps trigger the body’s innate healing powers by helping restore optimal electrical functioning cells.