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New Patients

Many types of musculoskeletal problems can be treated with chiropractic care. We understand, however, that some people may feel nervous before their first visit at Montville Chiropractic. Misinformation about chiropractic and what it does is common, and we want to be sure that a fear of the unknown doesn’t stand in the way of you achieving better health.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Some people may feel concerned about how safe chiropractic care is. While chiropractors around the world offer a variety of treatments, these options have been found to be an effective way to handle musculoskeletal problems.

As a fully trained and qualified chiropractor, Dr. Murphy’s methods are safe and don’t involve any risks like pain medications or surgery.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Often, people might feel they can just ignore the pain or try a dangerous home treatment instead of seeking the help of a professional. You’ll then usually see your condition worsen. By the time you feel pain, your body has likely had this problem for some time.

If you’re waiting for a problem to become more severe, you’ll probably require a more complicated and prolonged recovery than you would had you sought help immediately.

Why We’re Different

Many chiropractors have forgotten the importance of full, understandable explanations. First-time patients might feel their visit confuses them, with treatment performed abruptly and them being sent on their way.

At Montville Chiropractic, the first appointment process is designed so that we gain a comprehensive understanding of your history, condition and goals. We’ll thoroughly discuss the treatments we provide and what’s most appropriate for your condition. Dr. Murphy seldom gives a chiropractic adjustment at your initial visit so that we can feel certain we’re the right place for you before starting.

Contact us today to book your time! Most health insurances are accepted.

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