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Montville Chiropractic Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Montville Patients Say

At Montville Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Montville Chiropractic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Can Move My Neck

Since beginning treatment my overall flexibility has improved and I know it will continue to get better. I’ve been going for several weeks now and one of the easiest (used to be difficult) things I can now do is turn my head/neck area to look behind me while I’m driving and check for traffic when merging at a Y intersection. I used to rely on my mirrors or have to turn my entire body to look behind.

- Michael

Friendly, professional staff. Dr. Murphy listened to my concerns. Recommended reasonable and practical treatment plan. I’m very satisfied with my progress.

- Michael M.

After One Visit I Felt Relief

I hurt my lower back by walking on an incline on a treadmill of all things. After one visit to the chiropractor, I felt relief. I continued treatment that week. By the end of the week, my pain was completely gone. I would recommend Dr. Murphy to anyone.

- Audra

Dr. Murphy is By Far the Best

I have used chiropractic treatment for 33 years of my life. Dr. Murphy is by far the best of 7 that I have experienced through the years. He’s very intuitive and observant of my needs and his treatments work.

- Anthony C.

I Feel So Much Better

I have been coming to Dr. Murphy for about 4 years. I was having pain in my left hip, after a few treatments the pain was gone. I keep coming because every time I get adjusted I feel so much better and can go about my daily activities mostly pain-free.

- Dorothy R.

I have been coming to Dr. Murphy for lower back pain, which had started to radiate down my leg. Since coming, the leg pain is gone and the lower back feels so much better.

- Janet

Dr. Murphy Keeps Me Feeling Great

I have been treated by Dr. Murphy now for 10 years. Throughout all those years he has gotten me through the everyday pains associated with an active lifestyle & middle age. He keeps me feeling great and enables me to live my best active lifestyle. For me, the secret for feeling my best has been consistent treatment. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

- Kevin C.

Better Results in Less Time

Dr. Murphy has been excellent and takes the time to explain the purpose of what he is doing. I’ve seen better results in 3 visits then I saw in 5 weeks of physical therapy.

- Daniel D.

Better Quality of Life

I have been coming to Dr. Murphy since mid-August 2019. I had horrible pain in my right hip and low back. I was unable to carry out daily chores, pain 24/7. I can not thank Dr. Murphy enough for the relief of pain. I am now able to stand up straight and do daily chores. I have a much better quality of life and less pain. I thank Dr. Murphy for his professional help and to his office staff for their words of encouragement.
- Carolyn K.

Concerned Staff

What brought me to Montville Chiropractic was a fall off a two-step ladder. I had back pain and tail bone pain. Dr Michael Murphy helped me with patience and treatments that relieved my pain within three weeks. Now I can walk, do my chores and stand and sit without pain. The whole staff is concerned with their patient’s care.
- Anna O.

Caring and Engaging

Montville Chiropractic has had a positive effect on my life. Dr. Murphy took me in on an off day on my first visit when I was in a great deal of pain. Over a month my symptoms got much better and I attribute that to my visits with Dr. Murphy. He is very engaging, genuinely cares about his patients and makes you feel better with each visit.
- Ed C.

Eased My Pain

I initially sought chiropractic care for sciatic pain following a strenuous workout. After treatment sciatic pain deceased. I returned for treatment of strained Achilles, rotator cuff injury, upper back tightness, neck issues and currently back and neck injury post-accident. Each time, chiropractic care has eased my pain and helped prevent further injury.
- Lisa C.

Makes Day Better

I’ve been seeing Dr. Mike for almost 9 years. I trust him with my life, my health and my body. Between his expertise and his humor, he always makes my day better.
- Paula R.

Life Back

I came across Dr. Murphy at a wedding expo and it was the best thing that has happed to me. I was 25 years old with horrible back problems and pain. Since starting to see Dr. Murphy I have my life back and can finally live.
- Krysti S.

Highly Recommend

I have been coming to chiropractic off and on for over 5 years, sometimes due to a fall and injury, sometimes for back and neck pain. I have always gotten relief from the adjustments. Dr. Murphy and his staff are always professional and welcoming. I have benefitted greatly from coming here which has allowed me to continue with yoga and Pilates classes with less pain. I recommend Montville Chiropractic!
- Carmen S.

Friendly and Accommodating

Dr. Murphy has greatly helped my life. The adjustments offer me a better quality of life, by bringing relief with the adjustments. Debbie and Theresa are awesome! Very friendly and accommodating.
- John

Always Feel Better

Dr. Murphy has greatly improved range of motion in my neck especially after sitting and reading through nursing charts and transitioning to floor nursing. My neck hurt so bad it put me to tears and within 2 months of consistent Dr. Murphy care, my tears went from painful tears to happy tears being pain free. Dr. Murphy also prevented me from having motion neuroma surgery and left foot is pain free. If I do my part in getting to his office I feel the best and it enables me to work pain free. I recently tore my meniscus in my knee and he has a new Electromagnetic Field generator that will help to repair my meniscus. I can’t wait. Also, after having surgery to my right shoulder Dr. Murphy has helped me to maintain range of motion, also pain free at this time. He makes me laugh at the same time remains professional always providing individualized care. I respect and that Dr. Murphy and will never go to see any other chiropractor because I trust he will never hurt me. I always leave his office feeling much better than when I came in and that’s testimony to me.
- Stephanie F.

No More Pain

I could only lift my left arm about one quarter of the way to over my head. The pain was so bad it would bring tears to my eyes. Doctor Murphy worked on that should for two months. I could now lift my left arm over my head without much pain. In fact some of the treatment hurt just as bad as when I lifted my arm. Just putting my left arm behind my back the pain would come back or if I lifted a heavy object the pain would come back. Doctor Murphy would have to start all over again. During one treatment Doctor Murphy asked me if I would like to try a new type of treatment. I said ok. He sat me down and put this tube around my shoulder. He then started this machine up and set the intensity. After five minutes he reset the tube around my shoulder and repeated this a third time. When we finished I was able to lift my arm over my head with a lot less pain. But it still hurt. One day later I was able to lift my arm over my head with less pain. Two days later I was able to lift my arm over my head with very little pain. The treatment machine does not fix you but it lets the body take its time to fix itself. Three days after the treatment I was able to use my arm without any (or just a little) pain. Due to my condition I still cannot put my arm behind my back. I can use my arm to lift 40lbs. objects with no problem. It’s hard to believe that in 30 minutes (and 3 days) this machine was able to do what two month of therapy did on me. It did not cure all the problems. But it did work very well on so of them and no painful treatment. The machine makes a clicking sound and it kind of vibrates. There is no pain. I was still seeing and feeling the results up to three days after the treatment. Doctor Murphy may use this story any way he wants.
- David H.

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