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About Montville Chiropractic

Dr. Michael Murphy graduated from New York College of Chiropractic in 2001. Montville Chiropractic was established just a few years later in Montville, and we also serve those who live in Uncasville, Oakdale. You and your entire family can get the natural care you need with our team!

Our Philosophy

You are a unique individual. When it comes to your health care, you deserve a personalized approach. Rather than looking solely at your symptoms, we treat the deeper forms of dysfunction that are causing your problems. You’ll get the exact care you need at each visit, maximizing your results.

We’ll do whatever we can to resolve your issues. If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll find someone better suited to your case and refer you there.

What We Do

As a chiropractor, Dr. Murphy’s focus is on addressing dysfunction present in your body that is holding you back from doing the things you enjoy in life. Imbalances are corrected and posture aligned without the use of drugs, surgery or other invasive means.

The idea behind chiropractic is that everything in the body is controlled by your nervous system. The main pipeline of this vital system is your spine. For the nervous system to work at its highest level, your spine has to be free from dysfunction. Our treatments, which are performed with various techniques, help restore your optimal function so you can live pain-free and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Balance beam from logoLiving Better, Free From Pain

With our holistic approach to health, we relieve dysfunction so that your body can heal and feel better. Those who are suffering from discomfort have found relief at our practice. Individuals who already feel well but want to keep performing at their best, can also experience the value of chiropractic care.

The first rule of Dr. Murphy’s methods is to do no harm. Therefore, you can rest assured that we’ll never recommend visits you don’t need or utilize more aggressive techniques unnecessarily. You’ll find that we all live by The Golden Rule and treat you just like we’d want to be treated.

Get the Results You’re Hoping For

We’re focused on getting you the results you want. We’ve been fortunate to witness numerous incredible success stories. Many people seek us out as a last resort. They’ve been to physical therapists and other chiropractors. Those practitioners have told them there is nothing more that can be done. Others seek to avoid having surgery. With chiropractic, they’re grateful to be able to do all the things they love again.

Same-Day Visits

There’s no long wait to get in for an appointment. Contact our chiropractic office today!

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